Impressive Bright White Smile Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Kit for At-Home and In-Office Use and Teeth Whitening Pens 2/PACK – 60 Day Supply

Price: $31.5

Our superior teeth whitening kit is backed by our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Impressive Bright White Smile professional strength teeth whitening kit is developed by dental professionals for at-home an in-office use. You have enough gel for approximately 25 applications. The potency of our gel will enable you to achieve desired whitening results safer and faster. That means fewer whitening treatments and less gel used. LED teeth whitening accelerator is the safest, longest-lasting, and least expensive option to get your teeth white fast in the comfort of your own home.Impressive Smile teeth whitening pens with our exclusive professional strength gel will deliver teeth whitening results faster, easier and more convenient. Use it at home, at work or when you travel. Don’t leave home without it! It is great for touch-ups! For best results follow Instructions on our box. Apply daily and soon you will have a smile you always wanted!

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